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How long is the life of the wheel bearing? What's the performance of broken? Does it need to be maintained?

Inspect the wheel bearing, change the inspected wheel several times by hand to see if the change is smooth and if there is abnormal noise. If the transition is not smooth and there is clashing sound, it means that the brake is somewhat abnormal. If there is no noise, the transition is not smooth and sometimes tight and sometimes loose, indicating that the bearing is somewhat abnormal. The wheel hub should be disassembled and inspected when the above abnormal appearance occurs.

Regarding small cars, when looking at the wheel bearings, hold the upper and lower sides of the tire with both hands, pull the tire back and forth with both hands, and repeat it many times. If it is normal, there should be no looseness and blockage. If there is significant looseness when shaking, the hub should be disassembled and inspected.

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